Hey folks!…..

So today was another really calm day and my emotions kept running wild in variations. I did something really crazy..yeah guys, craaaaaazy…but stupid and dangerous and the amazing thing is that i did it on impulse. This morning, i woke up feeling really energetic and ready for anything. On my way..really close to the railway lines, there was an oncoming train in full speed ( ps:- my God… when did Nigeria start using their resources?? this my dears, was an electric train. MOOD:-INTRIGUED). I didn’t realise how fast it was moving until i was already halfway across the rails, i was so scared and the sound of the horn was so loud, making it worse. After i made it across, i realised i was the only one who tried that ish..at that moment. People just kept staring at me and i was embarrassed. Knowing Lagos people, they like to carry other people’s business on their heads and still do nothing to improve it. Most people just kept insulting me as i walked by them and that kinda took away my embarrassment and replaced it with a bit of anger. So i held my head high even though i was shaking inside. The truth is that some of this things happen to us and we can’t help it. Instead of feeling embarrassed( hide our heads and never want to walk in public again) we should take it as stories we would tell our kids or lovers someday. So guys,,, share with me…what is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done on impulse?



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