Miss Independent?? putcha hands up. This is a "must" see

When women get independent, men complain..forgeting that they caused it. They always want something back in return for their help. People!…what’s the definition of help? To me, its helping…(ok, i’m changing that). Help is like caring to the needs of something or someone when they’re in a bad shape or situation in which they need to be supported. If they have to give something back in return then what’s help?? So for this, some women STRONGLY dislike men. A friend on mine once told me, “By God, if we were not supposed to be gay, i wouldn’t even have anything to do with a man and damn do i love being in love with a man.” I’m glad the world is beginning to know better, women are being to know their worth. They now get to out smart most men. Happiness!..


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