SOCIAL MEDIA: The friendship syndrome.

What I consider to be the mistake of most students is adding too many classmates on social media as soon as they start attending their institutions. Social media deceives us into believing that a relationship has been formed or has even strengthened just because of a series of Facebook and Instagram likes and comments. Unfortunately, we set unrealistic expectations for our classmates and assume that just because they can rack up 300 likes on their post on Facebook , they’ll be just as likable in real life. Although these online interactions with your classmates may seem engaging and reassuring, it’s more than likely that your classmate won’t be as interesting in person as he or she may be online. Let’s face it; your classmate might be a sociopath or even worse … boring. What seems to be lost in translation from the virtual realm to real life always ends up being the deal breaker of school friendships because it’s easy to show great energy level and sense of humor through conversations full of emojis. To ensure that you make really okay friends,, do some amount of getting to know people and then weed out the people who only turn up for their escapade stories and the people who only want relationships with their textbooks, you can and will find a great group of friends. Feel free to initiate thought provoking conversations and wait for friendships to form naturally and eventually you’ll find a person or maybe two that you just can’t see the next years of your life without.


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