Careful!!..Food can also kill

Food is one of the most important things we need to survive in life. As very important as it is to live, it can also be a reason for death. Yes; surprised?’s a saying that goes thus: 
“too much of something is bad.” So as much as food is very good to the body, too much of it can be very dangerous to the body. One of the ingredients used in Making food that can cause harm to the body is SODIUM. Sodium is found in salt, whether table salt, rock salt or even sea salt. Too much of sodium can cause seizures, coma and even 
death. So my prevention tips are: 
1. Don’t eat too much of anything even if it’s a dare.
2. Try not to eat too much of salt with your food; just a lil’ quantity will do.
3. Do not drink too much mixture of salt in water.

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