hey ladies…do you want a glowing skin,,,follow these great steps.

Yes ladies..we’ll admit it :we like beauty products even as much as the next girl but we prefer the less-the-more approach to looking fabulous. So follow this step-by-step plan to get a naturally beautiful glow.
STEP 1=> The idea is to feel in lines and uneven texture. First, make use of PRIMER to hold everything in place. Apply it over your mosturized skin before applying your base. It ‘s a secret weapon that holds foundation in place, covering all the lines and milk&milo skin colour. Something else you probably don’t know about primer is it corrects some skin issues too..like redness and then gives it a glow.
STEP2=> Smoothen the skin with foundation..this helps in disgusingthe lines on your face and as well mosturize the face’s skin. So for a fresh skin, apply your suited colour around the eyes, nose, chin and especially over dark spots and redness.
STEP3=> Hide imperfections with concealer. Use your concealer over your foundation in circles over your spots to perfect everything.
STEP4=> Get your glow with blush. Add blusher bronzer by smiling and applying to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Make sure it doesn’t sit directly under your eyes.

      PS:=> You don’t need harsh chemicals or so much time to get shiny and smoother make-up. Just steal these basic moves to start looking your best.


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