Stories from the heart.

Here I am feeling so elated…but why wouldn’t I be? I’m right here in Daniel’s house. It hadn’t been easy for him to but he had gone out of his way to take me there .I’m not just here to check it out, I’m going to spend the night too. Sitting here on the couch, I’m having a hard time taking my eyes off the things in this parlor..this powerful Samsung TV set, gosh it has to be one of those TV sets I’ve seen on TV adverts that can be controlled with voice and gestures or were they just trying to get people interested? Anyways, whether or not they were, this one looks like a machine from fantasy world. The guy is Goddamn rich. At least, this is the reason i’m trying to get close to him. I’m seriously in need of money to take care of myself and especially schooling and this guy just happened to show up at the right time. We met at Kendra’s cousin’s party. Kendra’s cousin is a social guy who knows a lot of people…rich people, guys..and they were at his party. He had invited Kendra and since Kendra and I are best friends, I automatically get invited. This was where Daniel and I met. He had been….

                                                                               To be continued….


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