Stories from the heart (continued)

He had been really nice, wanting to get close and all that but I kept avoiding him with both my eyes and mouth. A few times he tried to get in my way but I kept staying in a difficult way for him to get to. I actually thought he was coming on to me because of what I was wearing, ,,a lil’ slip of a thing that hugged my body real tight. Kendra picked and forced me to wear that outfit to the party with ” who might find yourself a rich dude like you want.” in her mouth. That night at the party, after getting real tired of being stalked..i told Kendra what was going on and she did her best to get the guy in my way after finding out from her cousin that Daniel was a billionaire with chains of companies across the Africa and a few abroad even at his very young age of 27 ( woah, he had to have inherited those) and this got me intimidated all at once. I’m as old as 24, in my third year of my five years of of university and I haven’t achieved anything. So I gave in to him, we exchanged numbers and for these 3 weeks I’ve known him, we’ve gone to movies, clubs and fun places together and I really had fun with him. Now I’m scared I’m falling for him. Just thinking this is making me really weak. This wasn’t the deal, how could I have done this to myself and he doesn’t even look like someone who believes in love but then the reward from being with it makes it worth it. I’ve been getting good cash from him and he has never even tried to touch or kiss me. At first, it was really surprising but I got cool with it. And except for the occasional shock waves between us when we unexpectedly brush skin, I’m sure this guy is gay…
Lost in thoughts I didn’t realise when he….

                                                                                      To be continued…………….
Check again soon for the continuation of stories from the heart lovelies,,,it would be worth it.



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