Stories from the heart (continued)….


I didn’t realise when he came in and sat beside me on the couch until he brushed aside a strand of hair dangling across my face. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back. Taking it as a lead, I reached out and took his hand…then I told him how much fun I’ve had this night. I tore my gaze from him to the t.v but not really seeing anything else but him in my mind’s eye and then I said to him..”you treat me special,,real special even though I’m probably not that special woman in your life.” he just shrugged and said, ” maybe. Maybe I haven’t met her or maybe I have…what about you? any really special guy in your life?” “oh I’m not into guys” I reply and he just looked at me surprised and asked if I’m lesbian. I burst out in laughter so hard that I could barely control myself and he joined in and said, ” you don’t look lesbian to me,,you look like a lady who can get down with any guy she wants.” I suddenly stopped  laughing and stared at him in disbelief. Then I said, ” and to think I actually thought you were the gay one.” at that point, he got all serious and let his gaze slide down the length of my really curvy petite body. This made me really shy and I looked down feeling as if I had nothing good enough for him to see. Oh gosh, was this the reason he has never tried to touch me.. i’m a bit lost in my tough but not too lost to miss when he said,” seriously, I could prove myself to you right now…so you’ll tell me if I’m gay or not” and just right then………

                                                                    To be continued….


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