How to knw if you’re dating a fuckboy…


          So i’v seen a lot of things around that I’m itching to tell y’ll ladies out there. Pls beware of ’em fuckboys…they’ll do you wrong.
When fuckboy comes to mind, what do you think it means?? Uhuh..yeah yeah..its probably not what you’re thinking right now. To me, a fuckboy is a guy who has really bad behaviour,, he respects his mum yh? But doesn’t respect women basically like he should so I’m going to be giving you six real thoughts to ponder on and find out if the guy you’re rolling with is fuckboy!

1. He takes his time to call or text you
     Lol…he doesn’t call or text you like forever then one day, he does like nothing happened. You ask and he tells you he’s been really busy. On the real,,,girl if he got enough time to eat or go to the toilet then he got plenty enough time to call or text you of course he looked at his phone then.

2. He always gives you conditional compliments.   For instance, he tells you how hot you look only in trousers or he says, “I could manage your height if you always wear heels,” or likes your photos on when you’ve had your face filtered..seriously??.why do you have to live up to his standards?

3. He’s not sure what he really wants
Sweeties, we all deserve men with workable brains..he should know what you really mean to him or he’s an idiot.

4. He acts in love with you but never puts up your photos rather, some other girl’s all the time. Girl,,wake up and smell the rat. He’s clearly dating someone else and wants you to see it. Don’t act the fool.

5. You’ve never met his friends or family but he’s met yours. He’s toying with you baby girl. A Guy who is serious with a particular girl is always so eager to show her off to his closest humans. Try not to get hurt in the end.

6. His social network photo feed is full of different chicks mostly in clubs and parties…he’s only interested in beauties whose looks are permanent yh?   hmm



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