It’s true what they say these days,, corruption doesn’t start from the high places. It starts from us the masses. Yes..from as little as stealing little things from people around us. Corruption is evident today in our society, especially in our schools. Talking about schools, it is way worse in our universities. Imagine the story of 2 people caught separately for exam malpractice. One was caught with paper she wasn’t exactly using in the exam hall and the other for actually sleeping with an officer to get the exam questions before exams started and was caught eventually with her story out in the air. If you were to choose one of them to stay, who would it be? The funny thing is that what happened is the reverse of what you’re thinking. Yes. The one caught with the paper got expelled while the other stayed. Tracing the whole thing back, I realized that the one who didn’t get expelled has a connection with the school registrar and it doesn’t concern any family bond. My deal is, why didn’t the two of them either get to stay or go? Why did the other one’s connection keep her in even though her offense was way worse than the other’s? What are we being taught anyways? One lecturer of mine once told us in class that we not just learn about the subject matter of what we’re studying but also, discipline. If this is discipline, then what is Nigeria really turning into?


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