“oh no,” I said… “Being gay doesn’t work in Nigeria .” and then I looked away taking the remote from him but he took it back the minute I was about to change the channel and said, “are you scared? ” I just shook my head not wanting to meet his eyes because it might give me away but he continued, “then why are you acting like you are? ” then he eyes widened “virgin? ” I just pretended not to hear him and tried hard to concentrate on the t.v. “I thought as much.  A woman who is virgin would have come on to me by now.. I mean, I’m that hot. ” oh jeez,  how could he just conclude that even when I didn’t answer and be so right? I didn’t even want him to know that. He was so arrogant sometimes and yet I liked him all the same and so much already. Why wouldn’t I?  He was so desirable, every female noticed.  When he realized I wasn’t answering, he turned me towards him and made me look in his eyes.. Really melting eyes but Nothing could be more melting at that moment than what he said next. “can I…….. “………………
                                   To be continued….


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