Did you ever learn to walk in those heels?


Hello darlings,,,
It’s yet another Sunday and divine as can be. This morning on my way back from church, i beheld a sight that gave me purpose of yet another post to  share with you lovelies…a lady was walking in a really high heeled wedge and kept wobbling over here and over there which was a cause of laughter from some teenage boys who were also passing by and i really felt embarrassed for the lady and as well all other ladies that might have been wobbling on that heels at that moment. Yes ladies i know that the most beautiful shoes are the ones with high heels..whether block or pencil heels, they make you look much more elegant but the problem is some of us don’t know how to walk in them comfortably. While looking at the wobbling lady, i realised i learnt mine the hard way and would really love to help others learn easily so i put together a few tips that that can help you start feeling a lot more comfortable while walking in those heels. Here we go……
1.      Work on your posture; relax your body, especially your arms[they help to balance you while walking]make sure they are loose at your sides as you stand straight with your head high. Natural, your chest pops out and it builds a feelin of confidence in you.
2.      Because  most of us just want to jump right into the vogue shoes, we just go for ones that prolly don’t suit us. My take is…you need to choose the right heels. This entails shoes that fit and have really good quality. They should fit whatever surface you’ll be walking on..imagine pencil heels on a rocky surface.
3.      Practise walking in heels more often at home..it helps getting used to it.
4.      For anyone just trying out, try starting with something about 2inches? Which would be naturally comfortable and maybe as you learn, you can try higher heels.
5.      Walk from heel to  toe. Makes you walk more comfortably and as well, prevents pain in the feet while walking.
6.      Take little steps; that is, figure out your balance. Walk in strides that is more comfortable for you
These few tips may not be the best there is but they’ve actually helped me, they could help you too.  
                                                                                                                                       Alex seun

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