“can i make you a woman? I’d really love to.” What? Can you believe that? He asked me could i bear to still look in his eyes? But i wasn’t upset, infact his offer was so tempting because suddenly, his touch was so tempting..everything about him was so tempting. I was so  speechless but i didn’t want him to feel it and i didn’t want to keep playing ignorant because i didn’t want him to think i was dumb plus i didn’t want him upset with me so i said,”i’m not ready for sex.”  “why?”
“Because  it hurts, especially the first time.”
“I’ll be gentle with you, it’ll be  quite won’t even know when it happens.” The expression on my face must have been pretty bad and prolly made him feel like i want him or trust him to because he just waved his hand and turned to continue watching t.v and i started feeling really bad. I couldn’t read his thoughts because there was no expression on his face but i felt he was upset and i couldn’t bear for him to be..who knows, he might start avoiding me and that i couldn’t stand. I mean, if i wasn’t going to get his love, i should atleast get his like and money so in my mind, i decided to do it..atleast if i had a baby, it would be really cute like it’s father but i didn’t know how to tell him i’d do it afterall so i just sat there staring at him..willing him to turn around and ask me again so i could say yes but he made it tough and my mind kept telling me it was intentional. And then he just…
                                                                                         To be continued…
Hello sweeties…how have you enjoyed this story so far and what do you think would happen next? The 5th person to comment with the right answer gets a prize…who’s gonna get that?!!!!!

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