Mothers out there…please identify…


Do you have kids or are you expecting???

      So these past few days have been about family and drinking and christmas…oh and well,.children lol..having children around is both fun and hectic at the same time( this reminds me of a figure of speech i learnt about when i had to read literature for a year..what the hell is it?) its fun because they laugh at every joke you make, they say things..especially weird things and then there’s the other part,,,you be prepared to tidy up the house about 10times a day which an be frustrating, i mean,..thats no fun  at all. Sometimes, you feel like just locking them up but for me, i can’t feel like that for long because i really like them up and about..yes!.running about the house(even tho’ it causes me a little pain cleaning up after them all day long). So basically, when my babies are happy, i am so happy.

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