Money or love

Wow!. Its the first day of the year 2016. Happy new year!!!(“that i am screaming out). Happy new year to y’all. I’m so happy and blessed to have survived thus far, hope you are too. What better way to start the year than with this on your mind.These days, its plainly between money and love when it comes to male/female relationships. What is the foundation for a real relationship? Most people get into relationships/friendship because of the money they can get out of their partner. Something to consider about that is this: some people have been set up (as part of their destiny) to help others(atleast that’s some way i see it) and thats why after a while, the relationship crumbles up after the help has been rendered. I’ll explain it this way..”destiny brought us together so i can help you/so you can help me. What’s more to do? When i’m not helping you/you’re not helping me, the connection between us runs cold.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In the old days, money was actually one of the bases for marriage. Families always wanted their women to get married to men of higher status and rich backgrounds which always resulted in the looking down on those women who went out of their families’ way to marry men who weren’t well to do just in the name of love or good character.                                                                                                                         In present times tho’, the society (atleast 80%) has been subjected to marriage based on one’s own choice which allows for one to spend as much time as they want in a relationship with their patner before deciding to get married. This liberty has allowed people with different personalities as well as beliefs to think on their own when it comes to relationships so some choose money as the bases for their relationships prolly because of the backgrounds they are from while others choose love because of how free and happy they are with it. Me for one, in believe i like as a bases for starting a relationship with someone..i ask myself some questions and the basic ones are: is it someone i can relate with freely? Does he have my time or even care for me? It starts from there and blossoms into love and if it doesn’t blossom, well….what about you? Would you choose money or will it be about love?….


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