The secret keepers


Secrets?. This refers to something that is kept unknown, confidential,what other word…eh, private.
I once had a friend who couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She’d always want to explain what she knew about everybody but as my friend, i always hoped that she would keep my own private stuff secret if i asked her to. I realised after some time that one or two people would always ask me about something i shared confidentially with her. I got to wondering why she couldn’t keep her mouth shut when she ought to..i decided to research on why people couldn’t just shut their mouths about other people’s secrets and i found out it’s kind of a mental thing. A man called George Orwell once said,”if you want to keep a secret, you need to hide it from yourself.” But how exactly can you do that? Because secrets keep you alert. Whenever you start a conversation with someone on someone whom you’re keeping a secret for, that secret comes to the top of your mind, nudging you to spill it and you’re torn between spilling it and holding it in so as not to hurt the person. Some people get to the point of “can’t hold it much longer”so they spill it while others just can’t control themselves so it’s like you tell them something one minute and the next minute, the whole world knows too. What do we do then? How do we keep secrets secret? I think it’s by cultivating the will power to keep quiet at that point when the secret nudges us to spill but then i also think a few questions can help you decide keeping a secret the minute someone tries to tell you one. They are:
· *    How serious is this secret?
·    *How long do i have to keep it?
·    *Am i allowed to tell anyone? (e.g my bestfriend)
Keeping a secret puts a person under some kind of mental torture so if you’re really bad at keeping secrets then resist the person from telling you the secret in the first place.

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