He just ignored me and kept watching t.v. When i couldn’t take it anymore, i got up from the couch and told him i would just take a shower and wait in his bedroom..i mean, he ought to have known what i meant because he nodded just before i left the room. I found the room that seemed like his bedroom, got into the bathroom and showered. I was hoping to find him already in the room when i was done but he wasn’t there…”wasn’t he interested? Was he just pulling my legs? he had better not be joking after how i’ve decided to go through with it”..i kept thinking to myself while looking for something to wear that weren’t my clothes. I finally found a wine coloured silk night gown in his wardrope and didn’t even wonder why it was there at all. I put it on and saw that it was a little above my had to have been for someone taller, the night gown was sleeveless and the v-necked shape showed the not so much boobs i had. Looking myself in the mirror on the dressing table, i saw uneasiness…yeah, i was quite nervous i mean, i had just agreed to have sex for the first time and i had heard it was quite painful. I tried to imagine what the pain would feel like and it felt really bad but then sex is supposed to be enjoyable if not why would people keep flaunting it so i just kept my mind on Daniel, it was enough to get me turned on..i mean, he was so hot. You could see how broad and muscular he was even through his shirt how much more when he took it off but then i thought..what if he wasn’t gentle? What if he was just into the sex and didn’t care about me? Ofcourse he had said he’d be gentle but guys say anything to get what they, don’t they? To make matters worse, i remembered a book i read about a guy who was really rough with a girl during sex and it was just her first time which left her really sore that she swore to never do it again and then i got really scared and jumped into the bed to try and fall asleep before he decided to come up but before i could settle in,……….

                                                                    To be continued….


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