Before i could settle in, i had a change of mind. I wanted it anyway and this was time for me. I didn’t want to be shy or scared about it, i wanted to be like other women, i wanted to have a baby and if that was to happen, I needed to go through the first phase and savour it in order to be one of those who could recall their first experience with pleasure. So i brushed aside every scary thought and braced myself for what was coming. I sat up and pulled the bed cover just up to my waist and tried to stay calm while waiting for him.
          Half an hour later, he deemed it fit to come to me. Maybe he was giving me enough time to change my mind, i don’t know…maybe i’d fall asleep or something. Apparently that didn’t happen because i was very much awake and ready for him. By this time, my nerves were already calm but as soon as i saw him, my heart started racing again..more than ever but he silently went into the bathroom to do God knows what because when he finally came out, he still had his clothes on. He just got on the bed prolly trying to get on with it but the look on my face must have been what stopped him. He sighed and said,”gosh, i’m not an animal.” Then sucked in his breathe and continued,” i told you i’d be gentle, why are you still scared.” “i’m..erm not scared.”i said, backing up. “but it’s written all over your face and you seem to be moving away from me.”he replied. This made me look about my self and then i moved…close to him trying to keep a cool face but i was so trembling and he noticed. “okay i’ll help you calm down. It’s not like we’re doing anything dangerous, my God it’s just sex. Sex is pleasure.” And with that, he got off the bed and started……..
                                                     To be continued…

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