CHILD ABUSE; What’s your role?



     This child abuse of a thing is getting worse by the day! So many stories i keep hearing, all very angering and yet we keep hearing more like the last story we heard gave some other people heavier ideas. The funny thing is our society seems quite untouched about it. Yes we condemn all those stories that are out in the open and my thinking is that it’s because it’s in the open but what about the ones that goes on around us,,.in our neighbourhoods, even in our compounds? What we have forgotten is that it starts from the slightest push. I mean, the first time it’s a push or a slap, the next time it could be something worse and yet we close our eyes to it. You might be offended thinking that i’m accusing you and probably accusing falsely but seriously, look at it yourselves…stepmothers tend to maltreat the children of the former wife, aunties or guardians other than a father and mother of a child do same. They hide under the thought that it makes the child grow up strong. To some extent i agree but some people go to far extremes that can cause real damage to that child both physically and psychologically. The child could end up imbibing the act of violence because he/she thinks or has let it sink in that it is a right thing to do (in terms of the psychology).                     
 while some others could die from it or remain affected for the rest of their lives probably through nightmares or maybe a part of their body was tampered with.
Therefore let us rise with a scourging vengeance on any child abuser. Let it start from our neighbourhoods and the people around us.
 Report any case (NB: Genuine cases) to the authorities or better still NGOs that can take up the matter perfectly. One example is  Fortress Nigeria. It is very easy to contact them with this number and address:
NUMBER : +2348034664837

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