yay! or nay! ? movies have influenced you.

Genre is a term used for any category or form of art or entertainment which is either in writing,speech,sounds,or visuals.There are several genres of movies but as we all know,the most popular ones are:
            * Action
-Action and adventure involves a protagonist who performs a risky act that often leads to situations in which he or    she has to make daring escapes.They mostly show fighting scenes.
-Comedy is actually concerned with putting people at ease.It is meant to make the viewer or audience laugh so it shows funny acts/events.
-Crime is mostly about courtroom drama.,a detective[s]/gangster activities. Most of them exude violent  acts.,while some are actually solved,the others are left to the viewer’s/audience’s imagination;for instance, the t.v series HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.
-Fantasy involves mostly magic, science fiction, legends as well as fairytales. Medieval scenes too;for example, THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

My favourite movie of all time. Sorry, i just couldn’t help myself, i had to tell you that..lol..
             Most guys are crazy about action movies, especially my younger brother…yeah,true story.. Some others crave crime movies which are especially filled with suspense. I enjoy them alot but no other genre surpasses my love for fantasy movies. Exactly! especially the ones with magic. Imagine a 5year old demonstrating fire bending or earth bending skills [as in AVATAR,THE LAST AIR-BENDER ] can you beat that?!
 By God,who in the world knows how to control 4 fxxxing elements!? They actually think that they can fight someone off with that..lol… But on a more serious note, movies really affect us…most of us at least, positively or negatively. It affects our thoughts, moods, and even the decisions we make. I mean, a love story could give you hints on how to please your partner. Lately, some of my friends display a lot of public affection. Where do you think they learnt how to? [rhetorical question actually]
         An important role that movies have played in our society is that they’ve put thoughts into some people’s minds, helping them actualize their dreams irrespective of their background or societal beliefs. Now we see lots of youths utilizing their talents and potentials thereby increasing the standard of living amongst them as well as increasing economic values.

           In summary,movies affect the mindset. It improves you in actual sense; whether potentially or violently?…you choose.


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