Party crashers

Goodmorning lovelies,’s the weekend and i decided to inspire excitement in you. How much do you like parties? I can hear you….very much right? And you, not so much? And you, not at all? But why is that? Anyways, you’re not alone there…i’ve never really been a party freak..matter-of-fact, i’m always really shy at parties. Lots of friends ask me to their parties and i tell them i’d think about it even though in my heart at that moment, the answer is no. No in the sense that i’m not good at dancing in public and i’m very sure nobody loves sitting down alone while others are on the dance floor showing lots of happiness. As much as i don’t care for parties, I’ve actually crashed one before. Surprised?! one lonely afternoon with no one to talk with, i decided to leave the house and do something crazy. I found a party venue and didn’t even know anyone around and this led to some things that led to other things…what? i’m not going to give you the details because it’s quite embarrassing…lol but i had fun in the end. What about you? What crazy stuffs have you done at parties? Do you even go at all? Are you scared, shy or you’ve just never been asked to a party? Well, i’m telling you right now to find a party amazing enough to crash!..yes, take the time and courage to have fun at a party this Weekend…thank me later.

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