And with that, he got off the bed and started singing..i don’t know where he learnt to but his movements turned out to be a strip was stripping…for me. “ooooh..i got a body full of liquor and i’m feeling like i’m thirty feet taaaaalll so lay down lay dooowwn” OMG! That was from Bruno mars…Daniel was singing me Bruno mars and to top it, he was unbuttonig his shirt and whining his waist all at once..i was awed but i could only smile. ‘…you’ll be banging on my chest bang bang gorrilla..” ok that part of the song made me laugh out and i suddenly, i felt at ease. Daniel just kept singing and looking at me with his smiling eyes and lips as he seduced me. He flung  his shirt and started taking off his singlet and then,..his chest was bare. I sucked in a breathe “gee, he’s so manly,”i thought. That was actually dumb. He’s a man ofcourse but the guy was such a beautiful man that i just kept staring at his chest without even knowing i was…i was wondering so many things at that point…so many things i could do to it.. He noticed, i’m sure but didn’t stop.”…if the neighbours called the cops or the swat or the sheriff, we don’t stop, we keep rocking while they’re knocking on our door…” he unbuckled the belt on his jeans and i felt a tingling sensation between my legs.
“…and you’ll be screaming, give it to me baby..give it to me mo***rf*****!” i laughed and said,”but i don’t curse, i never use swear words.” And then his jeans came off and…..
                                                    To be continued…

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