It’s a new week! yaaaaaaaaaay..(rather unenthusiastically). I still feel like that after all these years…don’t take me for somebody lazy tho’


Wow!..the weekend for me was fantastic even tho i had assignments and a lil’ bit of reading to do. You! how was your weekend? did you crash any party? i wonder how hilarious your story would be…you should fill me in yh? nice. 
 So i started this week with real happiness (even tho’ i dragged myself out of bed this morning). A really special person in my life sent me this —->

and it got me thinking how much do we do for our partners? how much are we there for them..especially when they need us the most? do we bury ourselves with work and other stuff that we forget that they need us? we need to think this long and deep…our partners are part of us…everything about us is important and since your partner is part of you, they are important. Let’s try not to take them for granted…let’s always be there for them every little chance we get. 

I admire that JUSTIN BIEBER said, “give it all you got..but if it ends up happening, it ends up happening…”



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