He had his hands on his boxers, pulling it slowly while still swaying … i was by that time, starting to struggle with myself. I was so hot that the animal in me started introducing itself…but i had to keep it in..keep myself from just grabbing him and ravishing him so it wasn’t a surprise that when his boxers came off and he got into the bed, i was all over him..kissing him..and he was kissing me back…fiercly too.  Then he started tracing his lips on every part of my body like he didn’t want to miss a thing and i was so possessed with passion that i didn’t notice the interval when he stopped to pull on his protection…..

Even though i didn’t believe him, he told me later that i had screamed,”give to me baby! Give it to me mo****f****r”                i argued with him long that a virgin never says that, especially on her first night and he was just mocking me when he said that i’d loved it so bad that it didn’t feel like a first time. Yeah, that was a bit true but i wasn’t going to admit it to him just yet. I mean, i felt a little pain when he came in but it was long gone before i knew what it was and i didn’t feel sore one bit so i must have really enjoyed it.

We laid in bed, with my head on his chest and him telling me all the stuff i had said and done during the love making which i couldn’t believe except the part where i was wonderful and he had really enjoyed it. I was already calling it love making and he was calling it sex but a man couldn’t be that gentle with you if he didn’t love you right? I mean he had to care for you atleast or even want you to be his woman. I wasn’t exactly placing my hopes up but it had to be something…so i settled for the “being his woman” option.
 I raised my head from his chest and looked him in the God, i felt more confident than ever. Tracing my finger along the seperations on his chest, i said,”so,..what’s the next level? I mean…eh, making like that…you know, it was great. Am i going to be your woman now?”

Daniel sat up abruptly which i’ll hardly ever forget because it felt like pushing me away…”but i don’t remember asking you to be my girl.” He said.
 “but you said you wanted to make me a woman?” i retorted. I wasn’t believing my ears…what was he saying? Nothing  felt so bad as what happened the next minute….


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