Wow! its another week and i know i’ve been away long….i’m sorry…but i’m here now and that rectifies things yh?
Anyways, just yesterday i saw a movie that made me realise how much the Nigerian movie industry have improved…they have started making films that we can hardly predict the end these days.

The actors have become more creative than ever…i think its their creativity that has improved the value of movies these days. While seeing that movies yesterday, i decided to compile a list of my favourite actors…these men have added real value to Nollywood and i’m appreciating them through this medium….

NO 6

                                       TUVI JAMES
A really handsome one…i had a crush on him for a very longtime while growing up. His acting was very real to me. When i found out he was married, i almost cried but i got over it pretty soon.

NO 5

                                     CHIDI MOKEME

When i first noticed him, he was anchoring GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH. He was the reason i got addicted to it and when he got replaced, it took me really long to get used to the new guy. Who can remember the way who would scare the contestants? or the way his voice sounded while he was giving them instructions? lol, it felt real and there were times i was really scared even though i was far away, just infront of my t.v.

NO 4

                                         YUL EDOCHIE
Did you ever see the movie THINGS FALL APART? that’s one movie that Nigerians can never forget. It featured his father, Pete Edochie as Okonkwo. With such talent, what do you think his offspring would be like? Yul Edochie’s talent can be compared with his father’s. His booming voice especially when he’s acting as a king, is quite compelling…makes you want to see what happens next, then how it ends. He sure knows how to interprete his roles in ways that the layman understands the storyline. He’s one actor who’s roles makes it a lil’ hard to correctly predict the end of a movie.

NO 3

                                     ALEX EKUBUO
This young man was first seen on the Mr Nigeria platform…i remember because i watched the show. He’s one actor, although quite new to the movie scene who has added real value to movies. The way he interpretes his roles makes the common Nigerian relate to it. His acting does not look or feel forced, he tries to add a bit of humour into it…i can’t ever get tired of seeing his movies.

NO 2

                  EMMANUEL IKUBESE

I don’t know about others but i first noticed him in SHUGA as Femi. His acting was really good that when the next SHUGA came out, i prayed for him to still be in it. Guess my wish came true…..
Next i saw him, he was in the competiton for Mr Nigeria which he won and did us proud by coming 2nd in the Mr world competition…wait, Femi…are you single??? cos i’m interested.

NO 1

                                   MIKE EZURUONYE
I don’t know how many people notice but this is one of the best actors. For me, he’s the best ever. I always get interest whenever movies involving him come up on t.v. He so knows how to bring his role down to the level of the everyday man. People…look out for him…yes, look out because he is a very dynamic actor with much creativity.



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