Sasha fierce! The girl who walked 1


She was dressed in a blue tunic gown long enough to her ankles…with two side slits up to her upper thigh… And that was very deliberate. She liked how she looked in it., how it gave her the feeling of really hot legs. Not that her legs haven’t really been hot, she just never noticed.

Sasha kept her gaze in front while walking.. Yes she was a bit affected by the whistling and ohhings of the guys she walked by but she wasn’t going to show it. She wanted things tonight and her confidence would be helping her get them…she wasn’t about to lose it. She walked into a bar…Eldon’s Den. This bar was the only bar she could stomach going into by herself… The security was tight enough and she wasn’t having any second thoughts. Originally, her friends had wanted to take her strip clubbing but she wouldn’t stand for it so she lied to them that she wanted to do this on her own. They were skeptical, how were they going to know she really did it? She just ignored them most of the time they talked. Lisa kept whining about it till went out the front door.



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