Your peace of mind is really important



Be at peace with yourself!

You can’t just go about getting irritated and irritating people around you as well.

This morning, I had an encounter with a lady in a bus. A seat  that was supposed to contain 3 normal people was being occupied by just two people. When I asked them to move in so I can have enough space to sit in without half my bum sticking out, the lady flipped. Out of respect for myself, I found another seat.

I remember I just sat behind her, staring.. Hoping she didn’t get to
comfortably (I know that ain’t good) even she sat More comfortably than the other seat occupants.
When she was about to get down from the bus , the driver didn’t realise she was standing close to the door so he drove on and she flipped.. She still talked even after he stopped for her..and when some other lady told her to just get down, she yelled at her.


My first thought to this was, she sure is at war with herself.
Fellows… We need to work on ourselves OK? Do not let your demons control your life especially in public because it’d make you look bad even if you’re a good person.


She was going to work, I bet she hates her job or she’d have been really nice this morning and even if she had issues at home, going off to a job that makes you happy gets you excited. So guys, try doing what makes you Happy so you won’t have to cause problems For yourself that may be hard to rescind. 




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  1. Physayo @GCRF says:

    Hmmnnn…dats true.Most of the,working on oneself is very important.

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