When I got home that night,  Kendra was surprised. Yeah, I was supposed to be sleeping out so she kept asking questions but I couldn’t answer. I was too ashamed. It feels really bad when a guy has just had sex with you and preached it to you that it was nothing and even though Kendra was my best friend, I still had trouble telling her so I just left her in the sitting room with the excuse that I was so tired and needed to sleep.

Despite how down and tired I was feeling, I couldn’t fall asleep at all so I searched my purse for my phone to at least do something and that was when I realised I left it at Daniel’s. Oh God how am I going to get it back ,I kept asking myself. I couldn’t face that Daniel guy again so I decided to forget about my phone. I finally fell asleep at about 3am.

In the morning, I woke up to find Kendra in my room wanting the gist of course. That’s my friend, she never let’s things go so easily .
When I sat up,  she got into my bed, moved close to me and just starred. I acted like I didn’t understand but Kendra wouldn’t budge so I said,  ” he hurt me last night…” “And it wasn’t his fault. ”  I added quickly because, knowing Kendra,  that was enough to keep her from raiding the guy’s house that very minute. She just starred on at me with a “what’s she gonna say next” kinda face.
“it wasn’t,  I swear.. ” I said looking everywhere else except for her eyes because it seemed starring was starting to be reflex for her and it was a bit scary. I gave up trying not to look at her and said,” it was just me building my hopes high and wondering if he would like me to be his girlfriend.”

“I can’t believe you’ve gone and fallen for that dude, do you on purpose, want to get your heart broken. ” Kendra practically yelled at me with wide eyes.
                                   To be cont’d….



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