“I know,  it’s crazy and and stupid of me.” I replied.
“Don’t forget to add foolish too, that wasn’t part of the plan,  it was just money Bibi, not love. ”
I just looked at her with a little sadness in my eyes
“I know,  I just let him get to me…but not to worry, I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m not seeing him anymore. I’m not even going to try to get my phone back. ”
“What phone ” she asked.
“Mine,  I left it at Daniel’s. ”
“You left your phone there?  Gee girl, you’re going to go get it back. ”
“I’ll go with you… And if you are scared,  I’ll be with you… He can’t hurt you. ”
“No Kendra, I can’t face him again”
“But…… ”
“I don’t want to see him again and that’s it!” I fumed

Kendra just reached out her arms and gave me a hug. “oh my poor baby… You’ll be fine OK?  You’ll be fine without him. ”
“Yeah trust me,  I’ve been there, ” I said hugging her back.

Through the weeks that came, I was true to my words. I kept off Daniel,  well I could… Not having my phone made it quite easy for me.  My daily routine was,  get to school, come home,  eat and go to bed. On some nights, Kendra made it a point to take me out for a drink or two which I appreciated because it helped me take my mind off Daniel a bit. I always decided to visit my service provider for a new phone the next day and I kept forgetting. Well,  I didn’t exactly miss my phone.



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  1. Hassan Opeoluwa says:

    whao! thats a good one. such a great writer.


  2. Frank says:

    I could not resist commenting. Well written!


    1. Hope says:

      That’s really sweet,, thanks


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