Leave that married man alone O!!!… Well, woman too.


Times have changed completely!

So many relationships crumbling, especially marriages. What beats me is how short a marriage has lasted before it crumbles or how long they’ve both weathered it and then there’s divorce all because some other woman got involved.

Why would a Clear headed person even think of dating someone who already has a soul mate?  Yes! I’ll call it that even if they weren’t meant to be…so long as they are married, that’s what it is.  Marriage is a “to death do us part ” thing so if you’re thinking a married person is your true partner and you intend to chase after them,  you’re going to have to wait till their partner dies!

If their partner lives to their 90s, you lose…and if they die before that partner,  lol… You lose too. So why hold on to a married person????

You’ll eventually lose. 😂



One Comment Add yours

  1. dera says:

    Cool…. Yeah you’re right.


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