Still venting O!



“….I started allowing myself the pleasure of liking him…. Looking at him and wanting him and didn’t even think to find out if he was married or not.
At times when I’d think of it,  I’d say to myself… He may not. After all,  men tend to stay long before getting married.  You’ll see man of 40 who wasn’t even ready to propose to a lady so I wanted to take my  chances.  I remember going to work really excited because I was going to see him.  It was hope enough.  One day,  a woman came to the office and just walked past the receptionist without any word and the receptionist didn’t act like anything wrong happened. When I asked, she said “that’s the  boss’ wife. ” I was devastated But I knew what I had to do.  I had to stop flirting with him or trying to catch his attention.”



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