Sasha Fierce; The Girl Who Walked 5


As Sasha walked home that night, the only thing she felt was embarrassment. How would she open her mouth to tell the others she hadn’t gotten laid. All the hype and dress up was for nothing. I’ll just lie to them, she thought to herself and really believed she would but three steps later,  she changed her mind. It was that easy. She was not the lying type. She was going to tell them she gave up which is what she did anyway.

After all, she wanted to get laid the right way…with someone she really cared about, who loved her as much as she’d love him. She already had plans about how their first night would be and how much his touch would distract her enough to not think whether it was right or wrong.

She reached home and found the others girls asleep which was unusual except there had been a fight. Gosh these girls…. They had their issues but she loved them all the same yet as she thought about it, she knew she needed to take some time away from them and get acquainted with a boy.

What boy would be? Stay connected! 😋



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