Stories From The Heart: DANIEL

I shouldn’t be feeling this way. It has never been hard to keep my feelings in check. I’m always in control of everything, even my thoughts but these past few days….Thoughts of Bibi have stuck in my head somehow and every way I’ve tried to get  it out has failed and I keep getting things done awkwardly ever since waking up the morning after I made her a woman. 

Gee I shouldn’t be using that phrase…i feel really arrogant… I can’t believe I’ve been so arrogant with her but it’s not my fault, I’m used to it. I mean, arrogance is what has kept me, what has pushed away weaknesses and made me really tough. I’ve always been really happy with it until now.

what is Bruno Mars up to? check here…

That night, Bibi opened up to me about her feelings. Just as I had been suspecting, she was in love with me and even though she didn’t say it, it was obvious in the way she acted after we had sex…most girls would cry right after it since it was their first time but not Bibi. She was happy and I drained it when I made it seem like she was lucky to have been with me like that.

At first, I thought her reaction was funny… Especially when she threw the pillow at me and ran out of my bedroom.

I still smile at the memory.

                                     To be cont’d….



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