Stories from the heart : DANIEL 1


I never thought she was going to leave seeing that her phone was still on the side table.

Hours later when she didn’t return, I went down after her hoping she would be calm. I found her gone and according to my security,..hours ago. She had gone without her phone and didn’t care to pick it up even a week later.  Obviously, she was still mad at me and was avoiding me.

I stayed away too but it was really hard so one night,  I went looking for her at a place she loved hanging at and found behind the counter, her friend Kendra and one other girl I’ve seen her with a couple of times but don’t really know (hey,  it’s cause she hardly talks about her). Bibi said she works at the bar there.

Her friends were really protective of her and treated me like crap but I don’t blame them because even if they understood what happened, they’d still be on their friend’s side.

“I just need to return her phone, ” I said, taking out the phone from my pocket

Kendra reached out for the phone and i snatched my hand back, along with the phone.

“I’d like to give it to her myself.  I hope that’s not a problem. ”

She just rolled her eyes at me and i had to pinch myself from laughing at how bulgy they looked

“I’ll get her then.” and she went in and came back out Bibi , obviously having told her the news because she just took the phone from me saying

“you shouldn’t have bothered, I don’t exactly need it. ”  
and was about to go back in when I stopped her, asking her if she was still mad at me but her answer was confusing… Something about it not being my business but it was because I was the only one she was mad at.
I tried analysing it but it only got me standing there at the counter more confused as the three friends went in through a door.

I only realised I had been standing there when Kendra came back and asked what I was still doing there. My answer was in the way I walked out.

                                            To be cont’d…



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