My First Time



The first time he touched me , I swear there were a thousand stars scrambling about in my head. I couldn’t concentrate on any thought….any thought at all
The way he kissed me, I swear no other man’s has ever affected me like that. I was certain he was the one…. My Mr Right

He knew how treat a lady,  or so I thought. Maybe it was just his way of enticing me. We’d always spend time together… Doing stuff we both really wanted to. At least, I always wanted to do the things I did with him. Even sex.

It was quite hard for me at first, conditioning my mind/head to the idea of sex. My thoughts and reflexes were one with each other on the idea of sex as painful that I was never able to go through it with every other man I had been with,.. But when he came, it happened.

I can’t explain why.

I only know that it happened the first time we tried and it wasn’t premeditated or painful. I was enjoying it all until that sharp pain but it lasted for only a while.  Being with him that night was magical, how he kissed me all over,… I didn’t want him to stop and I told him that.  He continued to weaken me with the explosive pleasure only he knew  as he went down on me.

He kissed my belly button, trailing the hair line below towards the spot he was going to kill me completely and as he was about to go there,… He looked up suddenly at me and i shut my eyes in hope for the next set of pleasure.  It came,… In a slap.  A really hard one.

Stunned, I opened my eyes and saw Jane’s face.  What’s she doing here,  I thought to myself before looking around. There was of course,  me with my blanket on the floor. My friend laughing about something I was unable to understand.

And of course there was no HIM!

I was in my pyjamas and it was just a dream.




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