Courage, the one value you need.


Hi, my darling readers. It’s taken me quite a while to update on my blog and I’m really sorry.

Lately, I’ve been caught up with teaching and as much as it has been stressful, it has been really enjoyable and insightful.

So I was reading up on my next class topic on Civic Education and was really moved to share this with you cos I’m thinking, if it affected me… It might affect you too.

The topic is COURAGE

Courage is the ability to do something dangerous or to face opposition without fear. It’s the ability to exercise boldness in carrying out positive activities in our society.

While studying, I realized that some of us have put out courage from our lives, some even use it wrongly. How many of us have actually stood our ground saying the truth even when the consequences of telling that truth is dier?  Courage is  about bravery,.. Being brave and bold to tell someone they are going the wrong way in the way they make decisions and not letting the fact that you might lose their friendship or the benefits you get from being with them.

Let’s look at it  this way…
Sometimes we’re in love and love blinds our eyes to the wrong things our partner does  or maybe we’re not blinded,  we’re just trying not to lose ’em. You should know that sometimes, those people who hurt us need to know no matter how much we love them. Sometimes, it feels like… “if I tell him I hate how he tells me this ” or ” I hate how she treats me ” it’s going to make them mad and I don’t like it. Who knows, they could go days without talking to you or they may never talk to you again.

My favourite line is “courage is what you show on your journey when you face challenges and conflicts with the strength that comes from love.” by  S. O Omotuyole

When it comes to family, love relationships and others,  the strength that you show to your loved ones by telling them truth even though you’re standing by them through it all , matters a lot.  I know that I want my  man to tell me this is bad and that was terrible but I love you all the same and want you to be better so let’s work on it… Together. I know I might get upset about it but I’ll get sober quickly and want to be better.

Courage is born of love and compassion,  it seeks the truth and justice. Courage is when you own up to a wrong doing no matter what position you are in, with the hope of  atoning for it and trying to  be better because that’s what steers the heart and as well,  guides it on it’s true course.

Finally,  courage makes you stronger than fear and that is  stronger than  death. You would be able to survive anything and when you stumble or fall,  it picks you up again,  dusts you and sets you on your path to  make a difference and as well be the best you can ever be.

Courage is the energy of the truth in your heart.




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