The Social Butterfly Tips

The Social Butterfly Tips

So i’m one to avoid parties and social gatherings just for no excusable reason. I find them stressful and a little boring starting from looking for the right outfit, to how the activities are a waste of my time and hardly anyone to hang with so i really don’t feel comfortable everytime i force myself to attend one.

Last week, i found myself in a social gathering  of four. All three of them close friends of   mine who happened to have only one topic of discussion, attending a party. A question was thrown at me at a time which was, “when was the last time you partied all night Hope?” i seriously couldn’t reply. I couldn’t reply cos i’ve never partied all night and even the few parties i’ve attended didn’t quite feel like it to me.

One of my friends who was finding the conversation boring innitially, suddenly picked  interest when i didn’t have an answer. There and then, she began to lecture me on how much i need to open up and stop hiding in my shell (by the way, i’m not a tortoise). She continued by pointing out that i seem to always have butterflies in my stomach when a party is mentioned and things to do to keep the shyness out.

I felt the need to share…

  1. Talk yourself into attending in the first placeWhether it’s weddings or just parties or a get together, just talk yourself into attending even if it’s for people you hardly know
  2. Start a coversation. Just walk over to someone and start talking to them. Introduce yourself and every other thing will fall in place, before you know it, a conversation will start. (PS: look out for someone who looks calm and inviting)
  3. Accept a dance invitation. For the ladies, if a guy comes up to you and asks for a dance, try to atleast get except you’re really dizzy. (PS: *this is for your ears alone* accept cute guys 🙂 , it may last all night and dude might want to get your number, i seriously don’t want you to be in the position to say no.)
  4. Please if there’s a loud conversation and everyone is contributing…if you have something to contribute, please don’t stay quiet…say it out…just try, even if you stutter, everyone will still look and listen to you without judging…well, except bitches.
  5. And hey, don’t indulge too much especially with the drinks and smokes, i seriously don’t want to imagine you in a gutter or acting mental, thank you very much.

The next points are my very own ideas…

  • Always attend with someone you know. One person you know at a party is essential, it helps to build your confidence from the start but don’t spend the whole time with them, get busy knowing someone else.
  • Enough is enough. Discipline yourself to know when it’s enough. You shouldn’t overdo things or throw yourself all over the party. Yes, you should socialise alot but that doesn’t mean everyone at the party has to notice you,(PS: except, you’re extremely attractive and your outfit is hot!)

I’m out y’ll.





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